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(real contract is emailed to preserve confidentiality of my customers)

***SAMPLE ONLY******This guarantee will be effective for one full year from the puppy’s date of birth against a life threatening or debilitating genetic disorders only and resulting in an euthanasia recommendation as diagnosed and confirmed by (2) unrelated licensed practicing veterinarians. Air born diseases, demodectic mange, cherry eye and what is considered “normal/common” for the breed are not covered.


***SAMPLE ONLY****It is the BUYER’S responsibility to have the puppy examined by a licensed practicing veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery and notify SELLER of the examination results – either by email or fax. Failure to do so will deem this Guarantee null and void. If the BUYER chooses to return the pet due to a diagnosed disorder as described above, all shipping/delivery charges are the BUYER’S responsibility. If puppy dies within this one year period the BUYER will pay to have it autopsied to ascertain reason of death. If the reason is due to a genetic disorder, SELLER will replace the puppy with one of equal value (as soon as one is available, not necessarily from the exact same parents). Guarantee is for a replacement puppy only-we do not give refunds. BUYER must furnish SELLER with all supporting documents relative to death or euthanasia recommendation. A puppy with a defect must be returned or euthanized with the DIRECT permission of the SELLER to qualify for a replacement puppy. The original registration papers are to be returned to the SELLER. At no time, for any reason, will the SELLER be responsible for any medical expenses incurred by the BUYER for this puppy. **Puppy in question MUST be microchip scanned and verify the number with the breeder as proof of lineage to Hunter Ridge Kennels. If the puppy is deceased and as a form of proof, the microchip is to be extracted by your vet and mailed (2 day priority) back to the breeder.

As the SELLER, we have cared for your puppy under the advice and guidelines of our veterinarian. Its vaccination and de-worming schedule is extensive and we have given your puppy the best start in life possible. Its Medical Record will be furnished for your records and needs to be shown to your veterinarian for review. Our Guarantee applies to the original BUYER only and is non-transferable to a second party. We do not guarantee maturity size/color or that the BUYER will be able to show or breed this puppy as an adult. Our goal is to make sure you receive a happy, healthy puppy to LOVE for life.


Puppy will be shipped when it is mature enough to change environments. Most will be shipped at 8-10 weeks of age; occasionally one needs a little more time with Mom. Once SELLER has paid for shipping, BUYER is responsible for all additional fees that may occur during shipment. Deposits are accepted - they are nonrefundable.

**SAMPLE ONLY**By signing this agreement, the BUYER agrees that he/she understands that they have agreed to pay Hunter Ridge Kennel for described dog and understands this Guarantee fully and that it is under the jurisdiction of the State of Oklahoma, in the county of Rogers. It is agreed that the place of venue shall be in Rogers County, OK. Agreement is null and void if the terms and conditions are not fulfilled; this Agreement supersedes any and all previous Agreements. This agreement returned to Hunter Ridge Kennel with an Electronic/faxed signature is considered legally binding and submissible in court. This document is published on our website and is our Policy.


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