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Former puppy owners **CUSTOMER REVIEWS**

Just a Few Reviews..I can't post them all but ALL are IMPORTANT to US!!
If anyone out there is looking for a puppy to buy I want to share my experience with buying my two Jack Russells with Kacy at Hunter Ridge Kennels. I have never bought a dog online. I know this can be very stressful, and scarey. Kacey made the process so much much easier than I could have ever expected!! She was very responsive and answered all my questions and concerns. The puppies I purchased are far more better than I ever expected. They are so cute , smart and well behaved for a puppy. By the second day they new their new name and a few new words. I would recommend this kennel with 10 stars out of 10. They are amazing dogs so Kacy and the Hunter Ridge Kennel are defenitley doing things right!!!!! Janet Cisco-
Hi Kacy,
She is doing awesome. We have changed her name to Rylee. Just got back from the vet visit. I wanted to let you know that the vet was very impressed with Rylee. He said she is very healthy and very well cared for. He said it's very unusual to see a pet in this good condition after coming from a breeder so far away. Everyone at the office loved her. I am so very happy with her. I just wanted to share that with you. She is absolutely beautiful. You do an awesome job with your puppies!~Linda 
This is my second dog (a female Shiba Inu) I am purchasing from Kacy and I cannot wait for her to arrive to her new home next month (July 2016). Not only is Kacy a pleasure to work with, she is also very passionate about what she does. Purchasing my first dog (a female min pin) from Kacy was definitely worth the money. I had and still have numerous compliments on her cropped ears, beautiful outline and her temperament. Kacy was and still is there to answer any questions and concerns I have. With my second purchase, Kacy has been yet again a pleasure to work with. I HIGHLY recommend Hunter Ridge Kennels. Her dogs are truly beautifully bred and she provides you with plenty of information and a smooth purchasing process.
From NY!
Dear Kacy and everyone at Hunter Ridge Kennels:
We would like to give you a special thank you for our pup addition. Juke, (formerly known as Ripley) has made a wonderful transition in his new home. He is full of life, energy, and spunk! We have fallen head over heels for him, and just wanted to thank you again for our sweet little puppy. He gets compliments everywhere he goes, weighing in now at 5.5lbs. He doesn't care for our NY weather, fire hydrants, the dryer door open, or his brush! He loves his toys, our fingers, and sleeping under the sheets. He's learned to "sit" and is becoming a fierce protector already...
Thank you again for you wonderful bred puppy! We love him :)
I was a little nervous about purchasing a puppy online by looking at only a picture. Then on top of that, have the puppy flown to us. Kacy made the experience wonderful and answered my many emails, texts, and phone calls with much patience. Even after the purchase she walked us through getting Mia acquainted with our family. Mia is a wonderful Boston Terrier that is a great addition to our family. Our Vet fell in love with Mia and told us we have a very nice puppy with a great attitude! Thank you Kacy. You made the experience wonderful and it is nice to meet a breeder who cares about her puppies.
Patient and Knowledgable Breeder
We bought a female Boston Terrier from Kacy in March 2013. Kacy was very responsive to all our inquiries even during post delivery. Our dog had a minor heart murmur which is common for small breeds during growth spurts. We decided to hold off on a more expensive heart exam after talking with Kacy who asked questions about severity levels and told us how to recognize other symptoms that would indicate a more serious heart condition. We made a right call as the murmur went away after a only month as Kacy indicated what commonly happens. Saved us about $500 for a heart exam. Besides, Kacy's health guarantee was always there to back everything up. After 3 months with our dog Cookie, she's very healthy and we get lots of comments on her well shaped body and face. Here snout is not as flat as most Bostons (more boxer-like) which we like and helps with less gas. My sister's Boston with the flat nose is a little gas-bag. Great little dog from great breeder. Would highly recommend.
My husband and I purchased our Min-Pin from Kacy at Hunter Ridge last year. I was a little uneasy because this was the first time we had ever purchased a puppy over the Internet. Kacy was awesome from the first day of purchase to the time we received our puppy. I was and still love our little girl so much. Absolutely adorable. I highly recommend Hunter Ridge and I will never purchase another puppy anywhere else.
Shelley Brumley
Very Happy Customer
**You want to know a SPOILED MIN PIN... then you need to see Ms. Tia! Great job guys:) kc**
This was the first time I purchased a dog online. I was scared,all kinds of things went through me head. BUT, I'd like to give you peace. Kacy was WONDERFUL to work with. She responded to every email or phone call I made. We met them in Ok. to pick Ally up. Kacy is as sweet in person as she is on the phone. Are Ally(Jack Russell pup) was very healthy. She's a Gem! If I ever have to buy another or know of anyone looking for a pup that Kacy has. I will definitely refer them to Kacy. Thank you Kacy, Shari from Illinois
Repeat Customers:)...proving you cant have just ONE!!!
we bought 2 puppies from kacey a few months ago. we lost our female, she was one of the most beautiful jack russell terriers i have ever seen and so smart. my son emailed kacey and spoke with her on the phone several times in order to find the perfect puppy for me because loosing anu broke my heart. kacey not only has top of the line puppies but she is quick to answer emails and has sent me 3 photo updates while i wait for my new puppy a full sister to my beloved anu. my son also loves his dog naki
March 2012
Jason and Abigail in CA.
Armanie now Moses
Flown all the way to NOVA SCOTIA!
Strut your stuff lil' boy!
Happy Holidays Hunter Ridge Kennels! 
We just wanted to share our holiday picture with you and your family! We are loving our new puppy, Skoshi! And as you can see from the picture, he is estatic about his 1st Christmas photo... just like my children, Jordyn and Anthony... Skoshi is smiling from ear to ear!
Thank you again for our early Christmas gift! We had a wonderful experience dealing with you and your kennel! Skoshi is a happy and healthy puppy that has given us so much joy!
Kimberly L. and family
Repeat Customer! Another pup goes to the Virgin Islands!!!
We are so grateful for finding Kacy at Hunter Ridge Kennels.In 2010 I found my first dog Chole,a Jack Russel on Kacy's website. We live in the Virgin Islands , so it was a bit of a challenge to get Chloe to us, but Kacy worked so hard, and kept in touch with us everyday, and got her to us safely. We just added a Boston terrior to our family,we love our dogs, and trust Kacy to help us get healthy happy puppies. Thank you KACY, xoxoxo
Love, Love, Love our new puppy, Diesel. He is just as advertised “ADORABLE” He has settled right in. Only 3 days to explore every room in the house with confidence, and only a minute to make new a best friend. We have had him 1 week and 4 days and he is quick to potty train. He has been accident free for the past 3 days. He is a smart little guy and we love him.
Vet check -up was great and the staff, techs and vet could not get over his ears and his overall health. They said that they don’t see too many puppies especially from out of state in such great shape, which comes from good breeding.
Also wanted to mention the caring and professional service I received from Kacy. Not only did she answer all of my tedious questions on a daily basis but when it came to flying the puppy, it was difficult to get him to Boson in the middle of the summer, and flights were cancelled because of the heat, so Kacy took charge and instead had him driven in a specialty transport vehicle for puppies practically to my front door. I have recommended Hunter Ridge to everyone who sees the puppy.
Thank You
The O’Leary Family 
Thank you so much for delivering such a beautiful and special sweet little girl to me. I cried when they brought her to my husband and I. She has adjusted so well. She ate some dog food and drank water, then stopped for a break and she did her thing and hopped around like a little deer. I have to admit, she is much smaller than she looked in the pictures, I bought her another collar, until this one fits!! She is so tiny and adorable!! She just got done playing with my daughter's pom that she has taken a liking too very quickly. Now she is sleeping with her legs up in the air!!! She is so comical and funny, we absolutely love her. I will be telling so many people about you, you have made this such a wonderful experience that I will never forget. Thank you for all your well organized and diligent work...everything went so smooth since day one. I am so so happy I found your website, and most importantly, Starla. She is a perfect match for us!! WE LOVE HER SO MUCH!! Thanks again, Clare
Max has brought a lot of happiness to our house and especially to my wife who said she didn't want a dog.~Jack (from Hunter Ridge--I wish computers had a whistle sound bc he is smokin HOT!!!...thanks for the update and we like his toy!)
Our family adopted a female Min Pin from Kacy Hayes days after Christmas 2010. I began exchanging emails with Kacy near the end of Oct 2010. I had asked her so many questions about the breed and interests I had relative to sizing and temperament. I was so amazed with the patience and responsiveness of Kacy coupled with her knowledge. She was terrific taking the time making me comfortable adopting one of her puppies. The day we picked her up at the airport the most amazing puppy had arrived. We named her Coco and she is terrific. Perfectly shaped,sized and colored. The day we received Coco she slept on my chest for hours. We took her to the vet and the vet had complimented us regarding her over and health. They made specific comments about her coat and temperament. Her temperament is outstanding and is wonderful with my daughter. Kacy and her husband run a first class operation and I would completely recommend them to anybody. Wayne W. Alward, Jr.- Santa Clara, CA
Purchased 2 puppies for HR kennels~
I purchased my first Boston terrier Lexi in June 2009. I was alittle worried about shipping her from Oklahoma to Quebec, Canada. But it worked out great. Kacy was always there to answer all my emails. Lexi was extremely healthy and had a true boston personality. You could tell that she was raised well. She made herself at home very quickly. I lost her in April this year after an accident. I was devastated. I knew that I wanted another Boston Terrier. I contacted Kacy a few weeks later and I now have a new puppy. Everything went as smooth as the first time. I recommend purchasing a puppy from Kacy. You will have the puppy of your dreams.
Reviewer: Amanda
I recently lost a min pin because of a faulty breeder so I did tons of research so I wouldn't have to go through that again and finally came across Kacy's site. I must have emailed her 10+ times with questions. She replied quickly and sounded VERY knowledgeable about dogs and I felt very comfortable with buying a new puppy from her. After buying my puppy from her (which was a great experience) I took him to the vet. The vet said he was in perfect health and he was impressed with how great my puppy looked. I can't express how grateful I am to Kacy for finding me such a great puppy, especially after my last puppy dying. Anyone looking for a puppy should buy one from Kacy, you won't regret it. ~Cliff~ 
**note from Kacy-Cliff was completely ruined by the death of his puppy from the other breeder. He was ultra cautious and well researched when he contacted me. I am so happy he worked through his terrible experience w/ the first puppy because now he has a great puppy that he is literally CRAZY about! I know Boston will be sooooo spoiled!! Thanks for giving me a chance to show you how a person should take care of their puppies! kc
Hi Kacy, I just wanted to wish you and your family Happy Holidays.
Daisy is doing great, we love her so much, she's a great dog, so funny and playful. She experienced her first snow yesterday and she loved it, I couldn't stop laughing at her running around in it and making trails with her nose.
You were so right on about her loving a blanket, she sleep's in our bed at night under all the blankets, I don't know how she breathes under but she loves it and she makes a great heating pad, for my feet or back wherever she decides to lay....I am so thankful for finding her via you and your kennels, I sure hope you are having lots of success with your business and finding lots of good homes for your pups.
Best regards for a wonderful Holiday Season.
Healthy Puppy and Kacy is Excellent!
I recently bought an 8 week old Jack Russell Terrier puppy from Kacy Hayes and I have nothing but great things to say. Kacy was extremely helpful, intelligent and answered all of our questions and concerns from the beginning. She really put me at ease from the second I selected my puppy to the day he was shipped out to us in Boston. Most importantly, our new puppy Baxter is one of the most loveable dogs I have ever seen. He is extremely intelligent, healthy, happy and loves to be around people. I wouldnt have changed my decision for anything. You can be sure that if you work directly with Kacy, you are dealing with someone who really cares about her pups and makes sure they are being placed in a happy home. Thank you again Kacy for giving us the best addition to our family! Regards, Jennifer
Reviewer: Jennifer
Kacy Hayes and Hunter Ridge Kennel are Tops!
I had been looking for a male liver and white Shizthu pup. I came across Kacy"s ad and immediately fell in love with Charlie. Kacy responded to my emails, answered all my questions, gave references and bascially knew every aspect of the pup's personality. Buying a pup on the interent can be a daunting experience, but buying from Kacy takes all the fear and doubt out of it. Charlie arrived on time, in good health and with all promised paperwork. Thank you Kacy for making everything so simple and giving me a precious pup. If I am ever looking to add to my family, you will be the first one I come to. Keep up the good work. Your love of your pups is very evident!
Reviewer: Diane, September 5, 2009
Cheers for Kacy Hayes!
My wife and I recently decided to purchase a min pin puppy from Hunter Ridge Kennels. We scoured the internet and came across Kacy's website on We were initially skeptical about buying a dog online, but Kacy quickly put those concerns to rest after a couple of phone conversations! When our puppy arrived, my wife and I immediately fell in love with our new little bundle of fur! She was (and still is) absolutely adorable! I can't even begin to tell you the number of compliments that we get while walking our puppy through the streets of our neighborhood! Our new min pin has a wonderful disposition, which is due in large part to Kacy's obvious passion and love for her dogs! My wife and I could not be happier with our decision to purchase a puppy from Kacy and give her our highest recommendation! Thanks Kacy! Scott & Melissa, Chevy Chase, MD
Reviewer: Scott, August 17, 2009
Kacy Hayes knows her stuff!!!!
Kacy Hayes had 34 puppies for sale when we bought our little Boston Terrier. Even so, she knew all the quirks of his personality and told us about him. He came to us healthy and very happy. She sent us many photos and always responded quickly to emails. We were fortunate enough to get to meet her in person and I can tell you she has a dazzling smile. Hunter Ridge Kennels is a great place to find your puppy!
Reviewer: Millie, November 12, 2008
Our Jack Russell is so perfect. It is, as if, KC HAYES has a way with her puppies because our pup feels like he has been with our family since his birth. Comfortable, healthy, confident, loving and just plain at peace with our family of six! So many choices on the internet and Kacy Hayes' kennels had such a clean, loving ,happy and warm environment! We feel like we found the PERFECT puppy for our family!!! THANK YOU!! Excellent response time, great follow-up and HAPPY pup!!!
Reviewed: December 23, 2007
Healthiest puppy!
My fiance and I recently bought Charlie, an 8 week old miniature daschund from Kacy. Kacy was helpful throughout the whole process, answering all of our questions and reassuring us when we had worries about shipping Charlie. When Chalir arrived to us, he immediately ran out of the crate and began prancing around. Kacy raises well socialized and extremely healthy puppies! I would highly recommend buying a puppy from her! We're even considering purchasing two more from her! Kacy, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Lynne and Austin
Reviewed: June 13, 2007
Mini Pin to Canada.
We would like to say that the service we received while buying our Min Pin puppy was just wonderful. Emails were answered promptly. Kacy Hayes was very friendly and helpful by phone when I called to get info on our puppy.Shipment to Canada went really good and Kacy was by the phone during shipment in case of problems. We received our puppy and she is great, she is very health and happy. A very out going confident puppy that has obviously had a lot of attention and human contact before we got her. We are 100% happy with our puppy and the breeder, I recommend them to any one looking to buying a dog, you will not be disapointed. We can't wait to get our next puppy from Kacy. ~Nova & Robert~
I recently purchased a Boston Terrier from Kacy; Hunter Ridge Kennels. This was the first puppy I have ever purchased online and I was very nervous especially because the puppy was going to be shipped into Canada. Kacy made the experience wonderful by answering all questions and explaining everything in great detail. She would check in with a report on my puppy every couple days telling me how everything was going just to keep me updated. When my puppy arrived in Canada, she was with full spirits and ran around immediately chasing her shadow. My puppy was happy, healthy and exactly what I was looking for. I would definitly suggest buying a puppy from Kacy!!
Reviewed: April 26, 2007 **note from kacy: After receiving this review danielle emailed and said that her vet said this puppy was THE HEALTHIEST PUPPY he has seen that was shipped from the U.S!!!!
On 02/05/07, my wife and I lost Sydney, our 14 year old Akita to old age. We soon realized that we needed another dog in our lives. We knew that we wanted a smaller dog this time. We began looking at hundreds of Bostons Terriers on the web. We fell in love with Lexus and Chloe. We contacted the breeder, Kacy Hayes. Kacy was very knowledgeable and helpful. My wife and I decided to get both pups because we could not choose between the two. They arrived on 03/03/07 in Denver, Colorado from Oklahoma (changing planes in Dallas/Fort Worth). The pups were tired from the journey but in good health and spirits. Kacy would send us new pics of the pups every Friday before we received them. We strongly recommend purchasing a puppy from Kacy. We had been apprehensive in regards to buying a puppy on line but the experience with Kacy was wonderful. M. Bailey(Detective-Colorado Sheriff)
I was searching for a Boston Terrier for my wife's birthday, and I stumbled onto Rocky. He was being sold by Kacy at Hunter Ridge in OK. I was a little leery of buying a puppy off the internet, but my doubts were soon diminished. Kacy was wonderful at answering questions and was super speedy once I decided to purchase him. She set my worries at ease (the ones about the dog and my money)!! Rocky showed up in great health and in great spirits. Now he is hopping all over my house terrorizing everyone. I was a little concerned about his love for whiskey and strippers...I don't know where he got that from!?!? Just kidding!! I would recommend this breeder to anyone. He is a great puppy from a fantastic breeder and I look forward to raising him into a fully grown goof ball!!! Thanks again!! J. Kahline~~~he is a character!!! and a wonderful pet parent
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