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**While it is fun to "dish" about our Famous Customers.... I am equally as happy for all our puppies to find a home that will love, spoil and adore them just as much as we do-that is truly the happy ending!!**

We are EXTREMELY excited to know that we have placed one our puppies in such a great HOME! Ashton-Jack Russell puppy now name "JJ"-will live in complete LUXURY!

On Nov. 21st, Mariah Carey flew into Tulsa International Airport via PRIVATE JET to pick up Ashton! Her MASSIVE bodyguard Rob Payne came into the lobby and picked up Ashton from me. He was super nice and very proud of our little Ashton. I hope to receive pictures from Mariah's personal assistant but understand she is BUSY.   




On April 5th, 2009 we Hand Delivered a FRENCH BULLDOG to our 2nd Celeb!

Puppy Nanny

**Celeb name withheld**

on the plane to Las Vegas!

Isn't she DARLING:)

We were welcomed into their home:) While I can not publish the name of the new parent at this time......I can tell you this Frenchie has an amazing family! They completely welcomed us and made sure our trip with the puppy was AMAZING!

It is amazing how "animal lovers" can meet and enjoy each others company.

******************************************************* **

NEW Hunter Ridge Policy

I will no longer post Celebrity parents as a courtesy to the buyer. After talking, meeting, traveling across the US to their homes and working with several "Celebrities", I have come to realize they are truly just normal people wanting a new family member. I would not want my name posted every time I purchased something and neither do they!

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