Pay Deposit to HOLD your puppy

Step 1-Fill out puppy application but don't stop there or someone will beat you to a deposit on your puppy!!!

Step 2- Ready to make a puppy yours? You may click the "Add to Cart" beside EACH puppy picture **Some people prefer to pay the Full Balance at once and that is perfectly fine. I am very flexible to your needs.

Step 3- IF THE PUPPY IS AVAILABLE YOU MAY PROCEED WITH YOUR PAYMENT. If the website states the puppy is "SOLD OUT" then someone has beat you to it and made the deposit first and I still have to mark the puppy sold.


How does a Deposit work?

Once you pay the Deposit, that puppy is considered sold. For that fact, the Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. The Deposit is $412 ($400 with a 3% processing fee for online payments) and applies to the final balance. Final Balance is due anytime up to the puppy is 6 weeks of age. I will send an invoice anytime you are ready up to 6 weeks of age. Many customers make multiple payments over the weeks-that is fine just keep me informed of your needs....If the puppy you are buying is already 6 weeks then use the "Add to Cart" BESIDE the puppy picture on the Breed specific page for the full amount to be paid as the Deposit payment option is not available now that the puppy is about ready to go.

OUR WEBSITE IS WORKING 24 HOURS A DAY! If you see a puppy and want to make a Deposit, then do and I will get with you ASAP. Waiting for the next day business hours will likely result in someone else making a deposit first.



 After payment, I will be working on flight/transportation details and Vet Care for your puppy!


Thank you for considering Hunter Ridge Kennels, LLC!

We are excited to help you with your NEW baby!




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